NVA Volleyball Rules
Matches to be played under FIVB  rules unless otherwise stated.
All Hall bookings to be for at least 2 hours.
Provided that the away team were present at the start of the booking any incomplete sets at the end of the booking will be awarded to the away team.
If the away team were late arriving this must be recorded on the score sheet (together with a reason) and in the first instance the incomplete sets will be awarded to the home team subject to NVA commitee ratification.

Teams will be awarded the following:
1 point for playing a fixture
1 point per set won
1 point for winning a fixture

You can cancel a match (with good reason) only with a minimum  of 2 weeks notice and still be entitled to play the fixture at a later date.
If a cancellation is inside 2 weeks then the team cancelled on, has the option to claim or rearrange.
The team claiming the fixtures receives 4pts but no score is recorded
A team rearranging a fixture may ask the other team to pay for the booking if the cancellation was inside the 2 week notice period.

Final positions in the league will be based on points.
If teams are level on points then  the Average points difference per set in completed games will be decisive.
Please complete the MVP for all matches.
Home teams are  to provide a minimum of 1 Official and 1 scorer.
The home team to email the  result (set scores with points) and MVP within 5 days of the completed fixture.
Any cancelled or claimed fixtures are to be advised to the NVA fixtures secretary by email within 5 days of the original date

If a team only has 4 players then a fixture should still be played. (With holes as if 6 players were on court).
Less than 4 players will result in conceding the fixture.

Junior boys in school year 11 or below are eligible to play for ladies teams.

Any issues arising not covered will be referred to the NVA commitee, whose decision will be final.